Mzansi Life is South Africa’s online luxury lifestyle news resource. We provide unbiased entertainment, travel, food, gadgets, motoring and sports news to elite consumers of luxury lifestyle goods.

We provide content to over 141 000 high net-worth individuals on a monthly basis. Mzansi Life is run by an independently owned online media house, The Media Workroom.

About our audience

  • They like to keep fit by running, cycling, playing tennis and golf;
  • They have an interest in travel, fine dining, cars, exclusive entertainment, entrepreneurship, finance, technology, marketing and doing business in Africa;
  • They are also fascinated by décor and design;
  • They pay more attention to politics and their influence on the economy;
  • They are easily moved by economic movements;
  • Time is a commodity they don’t have;
  • They are more online than the average person;
  • They put their families first; and
  • Giving back is vital to them.

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